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Nurse applying compression stockingsWhen you chose a career providing care to the public, your goal was to always offer them the best possible solutions while making their treatment and recovery as easy on them as possible.

Circulation problems are one of the leading causes of illnesses today. Unfortunately, due to aging or injury, many patients are unable to move or exercise in order to keep the blood from pooling in their legs. Compression socks and stockings and in more serious cases pneumatic compression devices are usually used to try to alleviate this problem.

The HeartPartner by Sonostics is a passive exercise device that uses vibration technology to stimulate and even help strengthen the soleus muscles that are essential in keeping the blood moving. The HeartPartner was developed from over a decade of research, with over a dozen peer-reviewed papers published (see our Clinical research page).

If you have been frustrated with the limited results your patients have seen so far with traditional treatment products, the HeartPartner may be the device that offers the improvement they seek.

And with a HeartPartner installed in your waiting area, your patients can experience for themselves its benefit as the excess blood that has pooled in their lower legs begins to be returned back to their heart within minutes of use.

Sonostics is happy to offer clinical professionals discount pricing through our Partner program.

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