It has been called the river of life.


Businesswoman addressing meetingYour bloodstream, with its over 60,000 total miles of arteries and veins, brings oxygen and essential nutrients to every cell in your body.

It's what allows you to work, to celebrate major accomplishments and to play with your children and grandchildren.

Family celebrating graduationPeople are making a committed effort these days to take care of their hearts. But what many do not realize is that this organ does not do all of the work by itself. With nearly 3/4 of your total blood capacity below the level of your heart, it needs assistance to overcome the forces of gravity.

The hidden muscles in your lower legs — the soleus muscles — provide that critical element in your bloodstream's ability to work properly as they help push blood back to the heart.

But since they are unseen, and because of the sedentary environment many of us are exposed to, these important muscles — often called our "secondary hearts" — can become weak and ineffective. Which can lead to a number of frustrating and sometimes serious health issues.

Grandparents in park with grandkidsUntil now.

We're Sonostics, an emerging health and wellness company. We want you to savor every moment of your life.

That's why we developed the HeartPartner.

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Woman using laptop at home officeIn Your Home and At Work

Lightweight and portable, the HeartPartner can be used anywhere and any time to help strengthen and train your soleus muscles: at the breakfast table, while sharing updates on social media or enjoying television with your family.

At work where you need it the most —  because you may be in your chair for extended periods — the HeartPartner sits discretely and works quietly under your desk.

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Doctor applying compression socksClinical Use

The HeartPartner provides you with an additional tool that can be used for the treatment of your patients. It is non-invasive and will not interfere with any existing programs or medications they may be taking. We also offer discount pricing through our partner program.

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Older couple with woman riding piggybackHealthy Aging

The kids have left the nest, either due to college or marriage. You're starting your retirement or else are just a few short years away from it. All of this time you've made a list of many exciting things to see and do, just waiting for this moment to start to pursue them.

Will you have the strength and energy to start checking them off? Let us show you how we can help to see that you can.

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Employees at desks in open officeCorporate Wellness

If your employees spend a significant portion of their work day sitting at their desks or in meetings, poor circulation could be having a detrimental effect on their productivity.  If you've heard them complain about an inability to concentrate, fatigue or being cold all of the time, we can put together a wellness plan for your company that will show definite benefits to your bottom line.

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Yoga instructor during classHolistic, Nutrition and Fitness Practitioners

You've studied hard to bring your clients and students the latest cutting-edge information and techniques to help improve their lives. People look up to you as a leader and subject expert. That's why you may be just the person we are looking for to join our Distributor program.


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