Sonostics was initially formed as a New York Corporation in 2008 to commercialize technologies created within the Clinical Science and Engineering Research Center at Binghamton University. These technologies are primarily focused on improving human musculo-skeletal function.

Sonostics first product was based on Vibromyography (VMG) technology which permits measurement of absolute muscle force and so allows identification of the muscle imbalances which commonly lead to neck, back, and joint pain. VMG technology was subsequently licensed to BioPac, Inc. which continues to incorporate the technology into their physiologic measurement equipment.

In 2014, Sonostics reincorporated as a Delaware C-Corp and shifted its focus from diagnostics to interventions directed towards correcting muscle imbalances. Our specific focus has been on the development of non-invasive methods to activate the soleus muscles, or what are commonly called our second hearts. Inadequate second heart activity leads to a wide range of health complications associated with lower limb fluid pooling, complications associated with chronic low cardiac output, and health complications associated with chronically low blood pressure.

Sonostics has developed two second heart stimulation devices based on micromechanical stimulation technology, the MM-100, introduced in 2016, and the HeartPartner, introduced in 2018. These devices have been utilized in more than a dozen clinical/physiologic studies to identify the relationship between soleus muscle activity, cardiovascular system performance, and health outcomes associated with enhanced second heart activity.

Our HeartPartner product is currently available for purchase at The HeartPartner Store. In 2026 Sonostics plans to introduce its next generation, magnetic neuro-modulation based second heart stimulation product. Our initial marketing focus will be on addressing age-related cognitive impairment which arise from the reduced brain blood flow caused by chronically low cardiac output.