Recent News

May 2024 – Dr. McLeod’s research was published in the latest issue of Clinical Interventions in Aging.

November 2023 – Sonostics invited to present at the
12 th annual Texas Life Sciences Forum.

October 2023 – Sonostics relocates to new offices at
423 East Main Street, Endicott , NY.

September 2023 – September 2023 – Sonostics’ funded research
Redefining Hypotension in Older Adults” published in
OBM Geriatrics.

June 2023 – Sonostics partners with Dr. John Perry at
Endwell Family Physicians to refer patients who may
be candidates for ongoing clinical study.

May 2023 – Sonostics partners with the Neurosciences and Spine Group of Vestal, NY, directed by Dr. Khalid Sethi.

April 2023 – Sonostics partners with First Sovereign
Equity Group of Houston Texas to structure next equity
funding round.

March 2023 – Sonostics incorporates the HeartPartner Store in order to enhance the HeartPartner purchase experience for both consumers and patients, and to set the stage to become a CMS approved durable medical equipment (DME) supplier.

February 2023 – Wayne Clark joins Sonostics as a regional consumer sales representative.

January 2023 – Sonostics initiates clinical study on Reversal of Hypotension Related Cognitive Decline, utilizing Cognivue’s FDA approved computer based cognitive assessment technology.

November 2022 – Ryan Waldo joins Sonostics as a consultant on post-traumatic stress disorder (PtSD) with a focus on developing collaborations with VA and VFW clientele.

October 2022 – Sonostics receives USPTO trademark on Neuromod, allowing the company to promote the magnetic neuro-modulation technology underlying our next generation HeartPartner products.

September 2022 – Dr. McLeod appointed as full time President and CEO of Sonostics, Inc.

May 2022 – Dr. Eric Dohner joins Sonostics as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Dohner is a vascular specialist and directs vascular care in five clinics in the Southern Tier of New York State.